Crossing Borders: Social, Cultural and Clinical Challenges

17th International Symposium, Berlin 2017

The Group Analytic Society international (GASi) in cooperation with the Berliner Institut für Gruppenanalyse e.V. (BIG) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gruppenanalyse und Gruppenpsychotherapie (D3G) invited us to the 17th International Symposium in Group Analysis – Crossing Borders: Social, Cultural  and Clinical Challenges in Berlin 15-19 August, 2017.

The theme of the Symposium went to the heart of today’s problems with thousands of people escaping war and poverty; indeed crossing borders. In the social context, horror at terrorist attacks are stirring up growing fears of being invaded by refugees and immigrants.

We live in a global village where the mix and clash of cultures pose new challenges to individuals, families, and organisations and is also leading to the fear of social disintegration. As Group Analysts and Group Psychotherapists we cannot solve such massive problems but we do have some powerful instruments that can help us to think. We should not hold back but try to find ways to use and apply the knowledge we do have about the conscious and unconscious dynamics of small and large groups to contribute to making the world a better place to live.

The Symposium enriched group analysis by participants sharing theoretical ideas, research and clinical practice. Participants were given the opportunity to experience Crossing Borders through lectures, papers, panel presentations and workshops and also through work in small, median and large groups.

Watch the 5 Keynote Lectures