Videos of the keynote lectures

Vamik Volkan: Inclusion and Exclusion − We and the Other: Refugee Crises, The Other, Terrorist Organizations and Border Psychology. Respondent: Dr. Thomas Mies. Chair: Sue Einhorn

Berlin Symposium, 2017: Keynote Lecture 2

The Praxis of Group Analysis. i) Catherine Gransard: Learning from strangers: ethnopsychiatry in practice at the Georges Devereux Center in Paris. ii) Hanni Biran: Berlin the invisible refugee. Chair: Christer Sandahl

Berlin Symposium, 2017: Keynote Lectures 4

Farhad Dalal: One Group Analysis or Many? Back to the Rough Ground: From Predictability to Radical Uncertainty. Respondent: Prof. Hermann Staats. Chair: Kjersti Solberg Lyngstad

Berlin Symposium, 2017: Keynote Lecture 5