Special Issue on Reflective Practice in Organisations

Issue 75, March 2017

Christine Thornton, Guest Editor

Reflective Practice and Practical Reflections: Linking Thought and Action in Difficult Places. When Donald Schon coined the phrase ‘Reflective Practice’ (1983), I wonder if he realised the scope and value of what he had articulated.  Together, these two words focus us on the link between thinking and doing, and their necessary relationship.    In a world where there are so many assaults on thinking at all, and so much action that is clearly thought-less, the notion of reflective practice is ground on which to stand, and work, for a better way. Read here   (PDF version)


Special Guest Editor’s introduction: Reflective practice and practical reflections: linking thought and action in difficult places;

Chris Scanlon: Working with Dis-appointment in Difficult Places: Group-Analytic perspectives on Reflective Practice and Team Development (RPTD) in Organisations;

Cynthia Rogers: Provocation in Reflective Practice and Organisational Consultancy;

Ian Simpson: A reflection on reflective practice;

Abdullah Mia: Navigating multiple relationships within an organisation;

Ewa Wojciechowska: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Reflective Practitioner;

Vince Leahy: What is reflective practice in a busy school really like?;

Clare Gerada: Restoring connections through groups: Practitioner Health Programme;

Sarita Bose: Reflections on being a senior nurse and a reflective practice group conductor of nursing groups in the same traumatised and traumatising organisation;

Gwen Adshead: Making minds more secure in forensic settings: challenges for reflective practice;

Marcus Price: Forming a picture;

David Woods: Complex Reflections or Reflecting on Complexity;

Christine Thornton: The Reflective Practice in Organisations Evaluation Scheme;

Lauren Wilson and Elizabeth Ogston: To see ourselves as others see us: Thematic Analysis of patient feedback following Psychotherapy;

Rob White: Report on Brexit large group;

Ulla Hausler and Vivian de Villiers: Reflective review of GASI summer schools.

Plus regular contributors