Special Issue: Preparing for the Berlin Symposium

Issue 76, June 2017

Peter Zelaskowski, Editor

While there is a strong theme in this issue of looking forward to reconnecting with the GA community, some of the contributions to this special issue, from Brazil, Israel, Mallorca and Greece, arise from thoughts of being in Berlin for the first time. Anticipating this journey is stirring up powerful feelings, stories and associations. Julie Howley tells us the deeply moving story of her encounter with Seamus, a returnee from the Irish diaspora. We hear the story of Carla Penna’s “German” blonde hair, deeply rooted in her family history. While, Zoe Voyatzaki shares her thoughts on the EU, Brexit, Grexit and the divisions of the north and south of Europe, Anastassios Koukis takes us back to that photo of a “three-year-old boy from Iran, whose lifeless body was washed up on the shores of Alikarnassos”.

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Crossing Borders: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the New Migration Phenomena and Totalitarian Tendencies in the Post-Modern World by Anastassios Koukis

From Athens to the Berlin Symposium by Zoe Voyatzaki

Berlin – A View from the Street

Is Germany a Group Analytic Paradise? by Martina Stang

Between you and me – society. What (group) therapy can learn from anti-discrimination work by ManuEla Ritz, Thomas Munder & Anja Schütze

Vestiges of an almost forgotten time: crossing borders to interweave the past and the future in Berlin by Carla Penna

A Journey from Israel by Leah Chaikin

Germany and ‘coming home’ by Robi Friedman

An Encounter with Seamus – thoughts on leaving home and crossing borders in the context of the Irish diaspora by Julie Howley

Mallorca – Berlin by Joan Coll

Crossing borders in Berlin – the true Phoenix? by Catharina Asklin-Westerdahl, Christer Sandahl, Lena Wennlund, Ulf Åkerström & Ann Örhammar

Bike and Hike the Wall: 2017 GASi Berlin Pre-Symposium