Special Issue: Reflecting on the Berlin Symposium

Issue 77, September 2017

Peter Zelaskowski, Editor

The Berlin Symposium marked a moment of change, as all symposia usually do. GASi has many new members and a new management committee and in this issue, we welcome the first foreword of our new president David Glyn. While the bulk of this issue is dedicated to reflecting back on Berlin, there is also a couple of reports from other events held this year of great interest: the Spring Group Days in Prague and the Group Analytic Conference held in St Petersburg. There is also an impassioned piece by our Czech colleague Helena Klímová, covering a multitude of matters concerned with identity. In a very timely piece presented in Berlin, timely because of the forthcoming GASi Winter Workshop ‘Northfield Revisited’ to be held in January (http://groupanalyticsociety.co.uk/winter-workshop-2018/) Cosmin Chita takes us back to the Northfield Experiments in the light of his work managing a psychiatric ward as both psychiatrist and group analyst. Also, in this issue, Marcus Price, in the role of editor of Contexts’ new poetry section, introduces some ‘Free Associative Gifts’.

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Threads Back in Time by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

160 Km in 3 Days: Hiking and Biking the Berliner Mauer by the participants, edited by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

What are the prerequisites for dialogue in the large group? by Christer Sandahl, Stockholm

Taking the conference (back home) seriously by Anca Ditroi & Bracha Hadar

Berlin and the social self-conscious by Di King

AH, BERLIN! by Derek Love

My Feedback on the GASi Symposium by Edmond Dufatanye

Strangers (meeting in) the Same World by Kalliopi Panagiotopoulou

Reflections on Berlin by Francesca Bascialla

Northfield Reloaded, 1942 – 2017 by Cosmin Chita

The Non-Reconciled by Helena Klímova

The XIII Group Analytic Conference in St Petersburg, 26-28 May 2017 by Vivian de Villiers

2017 Czech Spring Group Days, Prague, Czech Republic by Denisa Schücková

Book review by Susanne Vosmer of On Group Analysis and Beyond. Group Analysis as Meta-Theory, Clinical Social Practice, and Art by Anastassios Koukis.

Free Associative Gifts: Edited by Marcus Price. Poems by Elizabeta Marcos, Derek Love, Einar Gudmundsson and Marcus Price