Guidelines for writing in the Group Analytic Dictionary

GAD Guidelines

The format for writing is the same as used in the journal Group Analysis published by Sage.

Term: Use the term you work on as the heading for your entry.

  1. Definition of term: Give a short general descriptive definition of the term first.
  2. Etymological roots, and derivatives if illuminating/meaningful: From what did the term derive, Latin/Greek? What does it mean?
  3. Development of the concept and different equivalent or similar terms used by different authors: Who was the first to use the term and how has it been used by others later. Put in references following the norm in the Journal Group Analysis.
  4. Descriptive use and clinical example if possible by the specific author(s): If possible, illustrate with a clinical vignette from the one who coined the term or your own experience/practice.
  5. Different usages: Is the same phenomenon conceptualized by other terms.
  6. Mandatory provision of references using the format from the Journal of Group Analysis: Reference year. If quotations from texts, page numbers, and reference list in the end of article. Lastly 3 – 5 search words.
  7. Maximum and minimum use of words should not as a rule exceed more than 2000 or be less than 100.
  8. English to be the only language used for final publication of the GAD.
  9. Perspective should be group-analytical.