Friday 18th August 2017

GAD Workshop Berlin

Session 1: 1.45-3.15pm

Introduction – (Robi Friedman)

‘Crossing Borders: From the Old towards the New GAD’ – (Rachel Chejanovsky and Lars Bo Jorgensen). Collecting memories and stories combined with a joint drawing of the Lifeline of GAD from its conception with GA pioneers, GAD pioneers, GAD birth and cradle, early developments led by Rachel and Lars having been at the beginning, in the old project, and now CEG members, up to the present.

GAD New Development – ‘From Chaos to Cosmos’ (convened by Svein Tjelta and Rachel Chejanovsky)

Presentation: (Svein Tjelta, Principal Editor) (Attempt to create order could result in chaos..! Babel tower: too ambitious? Confusing? Impossible? Developing structures: What is MEG, LEG,…etc.?, ….).

Experiential: (Marina Mojovic)  GAD lifeline the new developments

GAD and the GASI website (Peter Zelaskowski will speak about his work on the new GASI website with GAD).

Presenting and discussing a GAD entry (Dina Leibovitz Cotin)

  • Presentation: Dina on Homogeneity and Heterogeneity
  • Experiential:  Joint discussion

Session 2: 3.45-5.15pm

‘Inclusion and Exclusion’ – Internationalization: how can be it be imbedded in the GAD matrix? What are the more relevant terms in GA?

Introduction: (Carla Pena)

Listing GAD major terms: (convened by Ulrich Schultz-Venrath/Carla Pena)

  • Joint session of sharing thoughts and ideas regarding a list of Group Analytic terms.  Using the lists we have compiled, participants will be asked to rank 10 major group analytic terms.    

‘Problems & Dilemmas’-  Pro and Contra the creation of a Group Analytic Dictionary (Marina Mojovic and Carmen O’Leary).

Experiential: Using dialectical approach, splitting into 3 groups and allocating to one the task of becoming pro GAD, another against GAD and another as the observer group. The observer group will then report to the whole group followed by discussion.

Reflexions: (Large Group) facilitated by Svein, Marina and Carmen.

Ending: Svein Tjelta.