Group Analytic Research Network


Here you will find information about GASi’s Research Network

Dear GASI Colleagues,

As part of my portfolio, as a member of the GASI Management Committee, I have been working on creating a network of researchers or research interested colleagues connected to our society. As a result you can see below a list of researchers involved in group analytic and group dynamic data-based research.

A wish has been voiced to have a list of data-based research that includes and goes beyond what the Sheffield systemic review identified. We imagine such a list to be helpful when we are asked by members, service directors or organizations for the evidence base for Group Analysis. We would also like to have better knowledge of who is doing what research in other countries, what we could do to work together to address some of the recommendations of the systemic review and whether there are research projects that different countries could collaborate in.

As a result the GASI Management Committee decided as a first step to compose a list of researchers from different countries and Institutes from mainly Europe and North America. I have been in contact with people who have published in this field as well as people who have stated an interest. Thank you for your answers and for your interest in the project by agreeing to be on the list, which will always be temporary. All interested colleagues are welcome to join, if you are involved in this kind of research or will service as a contact in these matters. This is no obligations being on the list.

This list is a place to find colleagues who share interests in research and who, for example, would be interested in running joint workshops on research for members, or maybe creating some small working parties to take forward small scale projects. In order to promote interest in research I have suggested to the Editorial Committee of Group Analysis that we include experienced researchers for – in a special section – regularly recommend selected scientific articles of interest. That would give the reader information about ‘unknown articles’ – perhaps unknown because of the language or because the articles are not focused on group analytic or group dynamic psychotherapy.

Finally, we also wish to create an internet forum for researchers and those with an interest in research in group analytic and group dynamic psychotherapy.

Please contact me on the following e-mail ( if you are interested in being added to the list below or if you would be interested in participating in a GA research forum.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristian Valbak, Aarhus 9.5 2016

Member of the GASI-MC and of the Editorial Committee of The International Journal of Group Analysis

 Here you can download a research review produced by the University of Sheffield:

‘A Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Clinical Effectiveness of Group Analysis and Analytic/Dynamic Group Psychotherapy’

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