From the 1st in Portugal to the 16th in ....

Symposium History

1970: Ist European Symposium, Estoril, Portugal

1972: 2nd European Symposium, London, UK

1974: 3rd European Symposium, Amsterdam, Holland

1978: 4th European Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden

1981: 5th European Symposium, Rome, Italy

1984: 6th European Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia

1987: 7th European Symposium, Oxford, UK

1990: 8th European Symposium, Mistrust in the matrix. Conflict, cooperation, creativity in groups and institutions, Oxford, UK

1993: 9th European Symposium, Heidelberg, Germany

1996: 10th European Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark

1999: 11th European Symposium, Budapest, Hungary

2002: 12th European Symposium, The Economy of the Group, Bologna, Italy

2005: 13th European Symposium, Between Matrix and Manuals: Contemporary Challenges in Group Analysis, Molde, Norway

2008: 14th European Symposium, Despair, Dialogue and Desire, Dublin, Ireland

2011: 15th International Symposium, Cultures, Conflict & Creativity, London, UK

2014: 16th International Symposium, Art Meets Science: Exploring Challenges and ChangesLisbon, Portugal