The objectives, founder members, honorary members and the GASi constitution

Founders and Constitution

Objectives of the Society

The Group-Analytic Society was founded in 1952. The Society is primarily for professionals engaged in the practice of group psychotherapy or members of other professions with an interest in group dynamics. There are approximately 600 members, about half resident outside the United Kingdom.

GASi’s Objectives:

  • Promote the treatment and prophylaxis of psychiatric disorders by the technique of Group-Analytic Psychotherapy
  • Promote study and research regarding the application of the science of Group Analysis
  • Organise international symposia and workshops in Group Analysis in different cultures and countries
  • Promote and foster the development of Group Analysis in different cultures and countries
  • Further the work of Group-Analytic Training Institutions in advancing the education and training of persons for work in the field of Group Analysis
  • Promote educational methods based upon Group Analysis
  • Advise on the effects of group activities
  • Print, publish and distribute books, papers, articles and journals relating to Group Analysis and to finance or assist in the financing of such printing, publishing and distribution
  • Make grants for defraying the expenses of lectures and lecture tours relating to Group Analysis
  • Assist with the financing of persons and bodies for the object aforesaid and upon the basis that any such finance shall be applied wholly in a charitable manner and only for the said object
  • Assist in the development and application of Group Analysis within the framework of Public Health Services in different countries

Founder Members

E. J. Anthony

P. B. De Mare (see Wikipedia article)

Norbert Elias (see Wikipedia article)

S. H. Foulkes (see Wikipedia article)

Elizabeth Foulkes

M. L. J. Abercrombie (see Wikipedia article)

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is granted by the Management Committee of GASi

Honorary Members:

Vivienne Cohen, Lisbeth Hearst, Helena Klimova,  Malcolm Pines, Lise Rafaelsen, Estella Welldon, Jerzy Pawlik, Avi Berman, Earl Hopper, Werner Knauss and Juan Tubert-Oklander, Gerda Winther

Honorary Members, now deceased:

D. Wilfred Abse, David Clark, Juan Campos, Patrick de Mare, Dr. Olov Dahlin, Ronald Sandison, Adele Mittwoch. Robert Andry, Dr. Stuart Whiteley, Prof. H.J.Walton

The Constitution

Click on the link to download our constitution (last revision: 2011)

GASi Constitution

Constitutional Consultation, 2017

Consultation documents HERE