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Library services available to members...

iGA/GAS international library Information

The librarian is available at the following times: Tuesday and Wednesday:  10.45a.m. to 17.15 p.m.

To contact the librarian, please telephone the IGA or GAS International and ask to be put through to the library, or leave a message. Alternatively, fill in the Contact Form on the left.

Alternatively, send a fax message or Email the librarian.

All GAS International members are entitled to the following services:

  • loan of books
  • photocopy of journal articles or chapters from books held at the iga or the tavistock library [subject to copyright law]
  • literature searches on specific subjects on which you may be working – for practice or research
  • checking bibliographic references
  • general information and desk research
  • support for student reading lists

The King’s Fund Library Database

The library database is accessible to all IGA/GAS members via a link obtainable from the librarian.

If you are or want to be an active Library user, you can ‘enrol’, which will enable you to have your own personalised log in and to see a record of your loans, etc.  If you borrow from the Library you will need to be enrolled, as in future all loans will be managed through the library system.

To enroll, please fill in the Contact Form on the left and the librarian will provide you with a log in and password, which you can enter in the appropriate boxes on the home page.


Contact the Librarian

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