GASi Management Committee

Finance Committee

Committee with responsibility for managing the finances of the Society

Linde Wotton (Treasurer – Office Management), Sarah Tyerman (Treasurer – Finance), Don Montgomery, Kristian Valbak & Julia Porturas (ex-officio)

Scientific sub-committee

Sue Einhorn (Chair), Kristian Valkak & Marina Mojovic

Online Communications Committee

Committee with responsibility for managing and developing the Society’s online footprint, including the website, the Forum, the filming and live streaming of GASi events.

Peter Zelaskowski (Chair)

David Glyn

Tiziana Baisini (Forum Moderator)

Julia Porturas (GASi Administrator)

Summer School sub-committee

Regine Scholz, David Glyn and Denisa Schückova

Salaries sub-committee

Frances Griffiths (Chair) Carmen O’Leary, Don Montgomery & Julia Porturas (ex officio)

Group Analytic Society International Fund (GASIF) committee

Frances Griffiths (Chair), Earl Hopper, Robi Friedman & Sarah Tyerman

Governance sub-committee

Frances Griffiths, Angelika Golz & Carmen O’Leary