Videos GASi Symposium, Lisbon 2014

Keynote Lectures

GASi Symposium, Lisbon 2014


Inaugural Lecture: António Guilherme Ferreira (portugal) – “The Portuguese Connection: A Tribute to E. L. Cortesao”

Keynote Speaker 1: Giacomo Rizzolatti (Italy):  “A Neural Mechanism for Understanding Actions and Emotions”

Keynote Speaker 2: Marina Mojovic (Serbia): “The Matrix Disrupted – Exploring Challenges and Changes”

Response to Marina Mojovic: By Svein Tjelta (Norway)

Keynote Speaker 3: Kristian Valbak (Denmark) – “Clinical Wisdom”

Keynote Speaker 4:

Dieter Nitzgen (Germany) – “Night Train to Lisbon”