Winter Workshop, London, UK 2015

“Exploring Fundamental Fears in Our Groups”

41st Winter Workshop

Dr Amal Treacher, Dr Christopher Scanlon, Dr Lene Auestad and Dr Robi Friedman
Venue: The Institute of Group Analysis, 1 Daleham Gardens, London NW3

November 6/7th 2015

The moral framework of group-analysis suggests a world where there is respect, inclusion, space for reflection and boundaries of right and wrong. However, we also live in a social context where the zeitgeist is increasingly preoccupied with fears of invasion from foreigners, extreme religious attitudes and a binary framework where war or violence is the only response to opposition.
It seems that what we understand as healing is in direct contrast with the world in which we live. Clearly this contradiction enters our groups but does our work prepare either ourselves or our members to deal with this frightening outside world or even help them to recover from their need for therapy?